Research: Mark House

Family stories connect us to our past and who we are as humans.


Mark House was my 3x great-uncle. He was born on 29th October 1885 in Fawley, Hampshire. He was one of 11 known children; George (1879-1950), William (1880-1915), Andrew (1883-?), John (1884-1901), Mark (1885-1970), Alec Edward (1887-1956), Jack (1889-1960), Annie Louisa (1890-1950), Nellie (1892-1949) and Lily May (1894-1940). Their parents were George and Annie Eliza House (nee Mintram) who was more commonly known as Lily.

In 1891 Mark was 5 years old and was living with his parents and 6 siblings. At this time, the House family were living at 94 Fourshells in Fawley, and it appears that all of the children were attending a school.

In 1901 Mark was 15. He was recorded as living at the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb Children of the Poor, which was situated on Victoria Road in Margate, Kent. Mark was what in those days people called ‘deaf and dumb’. He was born deaf and…

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Duke B. Montgomery is a professional genealogist with 30 years of experience as a genealogist. Special area of interest is African-American DNA education, genealogy research, genome informative information, African-Americans connections to Africa the origins of all non-biblical human life. Latest development of research by NIH and other noted entities.

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